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LNG TV launches with Aly as studio host

With horse racing and sport being very much depleted over the last year, Aly has been looking to diversify her presenting. So... here's to a new project, LNG TV!

LNG TV is the globe’s first media channel dedicated to Gas, LNG and Hydrogen.

Aly is the main studio host and will present a range of programmes, including dynamic interviews, intimate conversations and interactive discussions with industry leaders.

The channel's mission is to bring the global Gas, LNG and Hydrogen communities together, providing exclusive content that interests, informs and inspires – helping to fuel learning, development, and collaboration that support industry growth and progress towards the new era of cleaner energy.

Website -

Twitter - @tv_lngis

It is now steaming on all major platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts and many more.


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